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trusted by thousands of students and teachers across the globe.

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NeuroMaker STEM

trusted by thousands of students and teachers across the globe.

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NeuroMaker meets students’ needs from middle school to high school all the way to a career in a hands-on way that can get students truly engaged.

Lori Lambert, STEM Teacher (Empower L1)

My hope is to help educate my students this year, with new technology and to just get them thinking about what they are going to do with their lives and how technology can help them. There’s a huge world of great opportunities out there for them and I’m glad that we can be a little part of your world. Thanks for all that you do for the students of the world, whether young or old.

Scott VanStee, Technology Teacher – JSP

I like the fact that these devices actually support/connect with more human interactions. This is about having empathy for people and making the world a better place, it’s that application that motivates students to think about how to make innovations better. Student attention and engagement are at their best when the theme is ‘we’re going to use these devices to help people.’

Matthew Gorr, Robotics and Computer Programming Teacher – KP

There are really dozens of reasons why you need the NeuroMaker STEM Kit in your classroom next school year, but one specific reason really hits home for me. Students and teachers are co-learners. They learn with and from each other. A learning experience truly doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Maddie Bradshaw, Founder of EDTECH CLASSROOM