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At NeuroMaker, we pride ourselves on providing engaging project-based learning experiences based on real-world problems. Our hardware, software, and curriculum solutions introduce students to the foundations of engineering design, biomedical innovations, coding, and artificial intelligence all while building interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and self-efficacy.

Students who choose to participate in our complimentary, remote-friendly, and inclusive capstone have their work evaluated by experts and thought leaders within the fields of Neuroscience, Product Development, and Product Design. In addition to gaining first-hand experience with the engineering design process, students have the opportunity to receive prizes as a result of their performance.

our history

Encouraging the next generation of students to take on the world’s biggest problems.

Incubated From the Harvard iLab

“Why can only 4% of the people who need advanced prosthetics afford them?”

Four Harvard students asked this question, and just three years later became BrainRobotic’s founders. The answer is an advanced AI and BMI-powered prosthetic that could be offered at a fraction of the cost of existing myoelectric devices.

Our Next Big Problem to Solve

“How can we inspire students to take on other big technology challenges?”

The NeuroMaker team is working to provide students an opportunity to experiment and develop real world applications of AI and BCI (brain/computer interface) technology through scalable hardware, curriculum, challenges and more.

  • BrainCo is born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab


  • CES 2016, Brainco, the parent company of NeuroMaker, was showing how their new headband was controlling their STEM solution


  • BrainCo wins the award for most innovative startup at ISTE.


  • BrainCo splits out into the wearable tech, prosthetics, and ed tech spaces.  After years of development, 100’s of educator interviews, and ensuring the right solution is offered to educators NeuroMaker STEM begins to support the Northeast region of the US while focusing on the NeuroMaker HAND.


  • The NeuroMaker STEM team expands and begins to offer NeuroMaker HAND, NeuroMaker BCI, and Professional Development solution to key locations nationwide


  • Today NeuroMaker STEM has a full team of curriculum, implementation, product, and partnership personnel covering North, South, and Central America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.


Our Mission

Our mission is to change how every person on the planet interacts with technology.

Innovative districts work with us to continue to build a STEM program with current, relevant, inclusive, collaborative,and transformative offerings. Join our partnership vision and cultivate innovation through like-minded districts while creating pathways within emerging industries and preparing the next generation for the technological needs of the workforce.

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