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Neuromaker Website Privacy Policy Notice

A BrainCo Website Version: 3.0 dated March 12, 2024

BrainCo develops applications and devices that collect data to improve learning processes and/or train attentive relaxation abilities both at home and school. Our website is one of the first opportunities that we get to introduce our company’s vision and tell you what products and services we have to offer. Our website is interactive and allows you to communicate to us whether you would like to get further information in the near term or whether you would like to get continual updates.

This privacy notice provides information on how our website processes data and is organized into eight sections:

  1. Purpose of Data Processing
  2. How We Get Data
  3. Data We Process
  4. Legal Basis for Data Processing
  5. Use of Data After Processing
  6. Commitment to Non-Sale of Data
  7. Rights of the Individual
  8. Contacting BrainCo
  9. Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice
Purpose of Data Processing

We want our website to meet our site vistor’s needs. As a result we collect information that tells us about how you use our website, we do this through cookies. Also, we have forms where you can leave a message, receive an automatic quote or provide us information for us to contact you.

How We Get Data

Data from the website is received in two general ways:
• By automation. When a visitor comes to our site data related to the sites performance and cookie based information is shared for a visitor each time they visit.
• Through direct entry by you as the visitor

Category Direct/Indirect Personal Data Description Purpose

Third Party Processors

All of our website data processes are done by third parties that BrainCo has entered into a contract with to collect, process, and store data on its behalf. The information is stored within these third parties’ platforms. Links to their privacy policy notices are provided.

Credentials Direct Teachers who wish to access our curricular materials need to provide a username, email and password. This allows for the ability to authenticate those that have been granted access to the Neuromaker Curricular materials to do so securely.
Cookies Indirect

This is a piece of information that is shared with the server hosting the website by your computer. It allows us to know the type of operating system you are using; the browser used, etc. What is not collected is information directly connected to you as an individual.


You will have been prompted at the beginning of your website visit whether you would allow us to collect information through cookies.


Third Parties: Google Analytics, Amazon Lightsail

Cookies allow us to review the performance of the website and know our general audience a little better.
Form Information Direct

We collect information such as name, and contact information (first name/ last name/ email/address/phone number)


Third Party: Salesforce, Wix, Jotform

We do this to be able to reach back out to you as you requested when providing us this information for a specific purpose. (Each form declares this purpose). Examples include wanting to get more information or participating in a webinar.


Legal Basis for Data Processing

• All of the data that we collect on our website requires the consent of the visitor.
o We ask for you to allow us to use cookies when you visit our site.
o We ask for your permission to use data that you provide us through the submission of forms.
• Our website is geared to audiences age 18 and above. For those under the age of 18, data is not collected directly and is not intended to be collected indirectly.

Use of Data After Processing

The data retained through the data collection methods above vary from a month to an indefinite period of time not to exceed fifteen years.

BrainCo does not sell your data to anyone.
Rights of the Individual

• Right to Know: BrainCo will keep you informed of any changes to this privacy notice and you may reachout to use with questions regarding how your data is collected, used, and stored. Please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

• Right to File Complaint: If you have any concerns about how your data is being processed by our website or questions about your right to restrict processing (where applicable), please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

• Right to Access: You have a right to access the information that BrainCo stores through our website. Most of this information can be viewed by logging into the application itself. Should you require additional information about what BrainCo is storing, please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

• Right to Data Portability: Users of our website have a right to request any data that is directly connected to them and generated through the application to be provided when requested. Please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

• Right to Rectify: If the user of our website feels that any data that is stored is incorrect and they cannot make corrections on their own, please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

• Right to be Forgotten: Should a user of our website no longer wish to have data previously submitted through the application to be stored by BrainCo, please contact us as outlined in number seven below.

Contacting BrainCo

Questions about how personal data is processed, used, and stored can be directed to the BrainCo Data Protection Officer:
Address: 120 Beacon St, STE201, Somerville, MA, 02143 USA

Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice

BrainCo reserves the right to change this privacy policy notice as needed. Notification of changes will be posted on our website