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NeuroMaker STEM is committed to providing cutting-edge products and high-quality curriculum. Whether you’re looking to supplement a current course or add an entire program, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Supplementing Existing Curricula

NeuroMaker STEM products and curriculum are mostly commonly used as a supplement to existing CTE, STEM, and other academic curricula. We offer a series of recommended progressions for our HAND and/or BCI products that complement existing programs and primary curricula.

Expanding STEM Offerings

Our team works directly with educators and administrators to develop customized pathways that expose students to industry skills and state-of-the-art technology. These innovative offerings afford students the opportunity to interact with career-driven content translating to real-world experience.

NeuroMaker HAND

Each NeuroMaker HAND includes all of the hardware that your students need to build and use the hand. This includes microcontrollers, servo motors, tendon wires, boards, structural plates, a remote controller, electrical wire, etc.

Visit our What’s Included page to learn more about the NeuroMaker HAND.

NeuroMaker BCI

The NeuroMaker BCI is a no-fuss cutting-edge EEG headband. The only assembly required is adding the strap to the back of the device if you need it to fit more snugly.

Visit our What’s Included page to learn more about the NeuroMaker BCI.

Curriculum and Support

All curriculum is included with the purchase of your HAND and/or BCI at no additional cost with no subscription or renewal fees. (Feel free to gasp in astonishment – you wouldn’t be the first.)

NeuroMaker HAND

While this ratio is not absolute, we recommend 2, or at most 3, students per NeuroMaker HAND.

NeuroMaker BCI

We recommend 1 student per NeuroMaker BCI device.

Talk to us about how to maximize these devices while still keeping our recommended ratios – we’ve got ideas!

NeuroMaker hardware is compatible with web app friendly applications

The NeuroMaker HAND is compatible with any software that can transmit information to an UNO board. This includes mBlock and the Arduino IDE, which both have browser compatible options for Google Chromebook operating systems as well as MacOS and Windows devices. NeuroMaker BCI’s companion apps also have Chromebook friendly web apps for Chrome, Windows, and MacOS, as well as native apps for Windows and MacOS. Please contact NeuroMaker support,, or your district’s IT department, for additional information regarding firewalls.


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